July 2015

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Thursday 30th April 2015
1) Added Giger's National Park's comparison to the uterus

Tuesday 28th July 2015
1) Added report from Ian Holm about Yaphet trying to pick fights with Bolaji from "Ian Holm: Acting my life", to Alien vs Yaphet Kotto
2) Added report from Ian Holm about the scene where Ash looses his head  from "Ian Holm: Acting my life" to The unravelling of Ash
3) Added report from Ian Holm about the scene where Ash looses his head  from "Ian Holm: Acting my life" to Incineration of Ash's head

Sunday 26th July 2015
1) Added details from Call Sheets 4, 5, 17 & 18 from July 1978 to Alien production timeline July 1978 
2) Added details from Call Sheets  47 to 48 to September 1978 to Alien production timeline September 1978
3) Added details from Call Sheet 12 to Alien production timeline December 1978

Friday 24th July 2015
1) Further mapping out the confusion in Sigourney Weaver vs Alien vs Predator .

Thursday 23rd July 2015
1) The lack of an "S" in my attempt to type out the film title Aliens has been pointed out by Faltskogian in the Sigourney Weaver vs Alien vs Predator . Many thanks, because it looked as if I was crediting Stan Winston for all the work done by HR Giger and Roger Dicken in the first film and there might be so many thousands of people wondering what was going on, unable to cope.
2) Updated Haven't a clue about Bishop 2 due to new information from the Projection booth podcast. The page might well be divided into two later on because Lance talked more about how he was brought on board Alien 3. And it seems to be quite confusing to work out what was going really, now that it is mentioned that Fincher wanted Henriksen to play Junior who rapes Ripley. However he reiterates what he has suggested about Bishop 2 being an 'is he or isn't he" character, which I have always liked the idea of, but whether this was Fincher's intention can not really be substantiated. Well, it's like sitting in a car after a car crash, wondering what happened.

Wednesday 22nd July 2015
1) Updated The development of Peter Brigg's AvP script
2) Updated Sigourney Weaver vs Alien vs Predator. Because of the blurred furor created by Sigourney about AVP, Peter Briggs was invited to have the last word on the matter with the help of bloody-disgusting.com, and add more details to his story about the development of the script. It's a bit of a sad and odd situation seeing Sigourney talk about the matter in such a blurred way. Please Sigourney, make well informed statements.

Tuesday 21st July 2015
Added Sigourney Weaver vs Alien vs Predator

Monday 20th July 2015
1) Slight update to Organic Box Like Thing since Michael Matessino was able to expand on what he saw in a workprint when he was involved in the bonus content for the Alien Laserdisc

Thursday 16th July 2015
1) Begun the page on the Death of Parker, although nothing much has been written apart from what Yaphet Kotto said about his experience with it and attempting to collect the images together
2) The Ripley - Call lesbian relationship, talking about the odd scene where Ripley meets Call who is there to kill her and something odd happens between the two.

Sunday 12th July 2015
1) Added image of a shoal of seahorses to HR Giger's biomechanical landscape (Work413) (1979)
2) An exploration of the links between Metropolis (1927) and Giger's The Spell IV (1977)
3) Added Comparison between Alien Monster IV and Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!'

Friday 10th July 2015
Made a separate page for The hand of Alien Monster IV, which of course is linked back to Treasures of Satan's transformation into Alien Monster IV
Thursday 9th July 2015
1) Updated Treasures of Satan's transformation into Alien Monster IV and The Biomechanoid that O'Bannon Wanted with comparison diagrams but indeed it just might not be enough.
2) Divided Treasures of Satan's transformation into Alien Monster IV into three pages that are linked from the page linked to. There is a lot to have to go back and forth to really.
3) It would be nice to have a way of creating an agreeable spine that links Giger's relationship with Delville's work linking with the sudden interacting with O'Bannon's drawing and then the resulting Alien Monster's influence merging with other things to form Cameron's Alien Queen. This is where it becomes a rather hectic mess and this blog begins to fail and one looks for an another answer that doesn't actually come. It's a rather too simple a format and considering we're in 2015, it's rather strange to have to deal with something that seems rather antiquated. A diagram or a map to show these influences and new directions seems to be the required thing or strange illustrated diagrams that might be partly editorial cartoons to perhaps show human confusion about the whole matter that I am dealing with. If I am thinking about editorial cartoons as well, I admit that I don't really want to make this a place of unofficial art, I don't like my showing off my own drawings but perhaps I need to show something of myself as an explorer taking you through my findings and to show off something that expresses something of the uncertainty of what is going on. However I don't want people to get confused between what is official art for the Alien movies and what is not.
4) Redid the entrance pages for Alien and Aliens, simply copying and pasting the old contents onto new pages to clear up the confusing evidence of misnaming in the URL.

Wednesday 8th July 2015
1) Updated The Biomechanoid that O'Bannon Wanted with a comparison between an early sketch of an alien attributed to O'Bannon and Giger's Necronom IX, however I am still to create a diagram to show how one inspired the other
2) Updated Treasures of Satan's transformation into Alien Monster IV, many thanks to David Spada's Monsterlegacy blog which put two certain images on the same page that brought me to see a connection between them, however I am still to create a diagram to show how one inspired the other

Tuesday 7th July 2015
1) Updated Alien Production Timeline for October 1978 with information from Call sheets 60 and 73.

Monday 6th July 2015
1) Slight update to The Alien's Tail with an excerpt from Ridley Scott's interview with Fantastic Film #12, p22, where he spoke well of his experience with Watling's Alien tail mechanism. Yes indeed the information is a bit of a mess, because there is conflicting information which might seem normal as different points of the development of the tail.
2) Added Setting up the chestburster shot

Sunday 5th July 2015
1) Added comparison between Humpty Dumpty face from the Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre and a detail from Giger's Passage Temple Entrance.
2) Added Vincenzo Natali and the Alien, basically a summation of Vincenzo's statements about Alien from an interview for The Telegraph newspaper. 

Thursday 2nd July 2015
1) Expanding on the information about Jan Kounen as a film maker
2) Starting to collate information about the film maker Jan Kounen and his relationship with Jim Cameron's movie Avatar through the Ayahuasca ceremony. Yes, this is quite an odd direction to go, perhaps this is about the local alien landscapes. Perhaps I am always willing to think of the interest in the world of Alien as sort of a shamanistic system of thinking that people can access, although through cinema, literature and art.

Wednesday 1st July 2015
1) Wrote summations for Jan Kounen

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