Moebius' Alien derelict inspires Dalek building
in Doctor Who?

leading from

Moebius's derelict ship (from SFX December 2014 preview of The Alien Archives book)
Moebius' derelict and dalek building side by side comparison

Closeup of the Dalek space station revealed to be a building on a planet

a) In episode 1: The Magician's Apprentice (19th September 2015) & 2 :The Witch's Familiar (26th September 2015) of Series Season 9 of Doctor Who  there appeared a space station like building where Davros the creator of the Dalek was supposed to be located, and then it turned out to be a building that was a part of a city on a planet that had become invisible, and mysteriously it looked like the derelict ship designed by Moebius for Alien, or at least a simplified version conforming to a different style, but the basic shape remains along with use of domes.

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