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Tuesday 26th May 2015
Added name page for Darius Khondji, cinematographer for Alien Resurrection

Sunday 24th May 2015
1) Added Alien 3's theatrical cut leaves it as a portent of the next Alien director

Saturday 23rd May 2015
1) Added a rather unfinished Odd similarities between Element of Crime and Alien 3
2) Added a rather sketchy Directions to pursue with Prometheus

Friday 22nd May 2015
1) added Dead Kennedys' Frankenchrist and the Penis Landscape
Wednesday 20th May 2015
1) Added sketch of Chris Foss' sketch of a Leviathan Engine from within showing 'Picador' at work 
from 1977 uploaded by Charles Lippincott
2) Martin Jackiw points out a comparison between Chris Foss's Leviathan sketch no.3 and Flagship Andromeda from 1974-75 anime series Space Battleship Yamoto
Wednesday 13th May 2015
1) Added a page for Francis Bacon
2) Added a page about Darius Khondji being inspired by Francis Bacon for Alien Resurrection for the lighting but well I probably have to find a something that really shows how he might have been inspired
3) Alien Resurrection: Echoes of the Citadel Miniatures's Plague Elemental for the Warhammer game in the Newborn

Tuesday 12th May 2015
Yesterdays additions and corrections to The Viper's nest had somehow been oddly lost, which is something that has happened from time to time when doing this blog,  but they have now been redone.  But the opportunity has been used to break the information down even further. 

Monday 11th May 2015
1) Updated The Viper's nest scene from Alien Resurrection, with some details from Cinefex and made some corrections. (This scene is perhaps one of my favourite scenes from the Alien movies. Perhaps just as the orrery scene in Prometheus is another favourite of mine as well as the space jockey scene from Alien along with the first view of the Alien Queen in Aliens in its Buddha like pose. Alien 3 possibly didn't give such a scene but gave some strange confusing situations instead)
2) Updated: Goya's "Subir y bajar" inspired Salvador Dali's"Soft construction with boiled beans (premonition of civil war) ?" with information about what Dali said about his painting 

Saturday 9th May 2015 
Updated The Viper's Nest with some information from "Alien : The Archive". (Very glad that the writer managed to get Jean-Pierre Jeunet to say a couple of words at least about it since so little was said about it and perhaps was the most interesting scene in the movie for me at least.)
Friday, 8th May, 2015
1) Sigourney's concerns about filming the scene involving descending the ladder to the nest in Alien 

Tuesday, 5th May, 2015
1) Added Necronom VIII, (1976) recognising in it impressions of the Olmec "Seated 
Man in snake" stele.
2) Had previously labeled Necronom VII as VIII but have now corrected it.

Monday, 4th May 2015
1) Updated Organic box like thing with Walt Simonson reinforcing his statement that he saw this certain scene in the roughcut of the movie and expanding slightly on details of the event

2) Beginning the Alien Production Timeline timeline inspired by Giger's Alien Diaries in an attempt to map out the events of the production.

Sunday, 3rd May 2015
I've just written the summations for my page about Alien 3's cocoon sequence. Very little is known about this scene other than what has been scripted, what Cinefex mention that Fincher intended to film causing a bit of confusion in the production leading to them being scrapped, and then what ADI worked on when they had to create cocoons. It is rather sad to think about how little information dribbles out about what Fincher had on his mind when he made Alien 3 and perhaps it's not easy to make too many speculations about it.

Saturday 2nd May 2015
1) Added Peter Beale's concerns about the production in light of Jon Finch being let go because of his sudden illness, as mentioned by Charles Lippincott on his Facebook page.
2) Added further detail about Sergius Golowin's background from an interview from
to The naming of the Necronom series and in all likelihood the information about him will have to eventually be separated and given it's own page since in Giger's life, he was more than just the person who named some paintings.

Friday 1st May 2015
1) Switched the two mentioned details around in the section Two Directions from The Derelict's Interior, because Ridley Scott mentally merging the two elements of the derelict together came later in the production, and also there is a link to mentioning his briefly talked about ideas and theories. A question that might comes to the surface about whether there should be anything more to be discovered within the derelict as it was back then that deserved another look. Its warning signal was still functioning and beneath the silo was lit up with a blue layer of light that either was perhaps some form of technology. There were questions about exactly what was in the Space Jockey chair and what happened to the thing that came out of it, what did it look like. Ivor Powell when talking about his own attempt to write a prequel/sequel to Alien, he spoke about his interest in such things as Giger's Hieroglyphics tableau. In the movie Prometheus, there was none of this what was discovered was a sleeping ancient alien humanoid in a hibernation sarcophagus on deck in the pilot chamber, and that appeared to be connected with the Space Jockey and the spacecraft was apparently still functioning to the point where it could be flown again. Perhaps there was a story about two civilisations on different planets to consider , in an attempt to mine Dan O'Bannon's original ideas. If the derelict ship was a battlewagon, who was the Space Jockey at war with in space thousands of years ago?

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