December 2015

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December 29th 2015
1) Begun the production timeline for Aliens showing events from November 1985 featuring details from three of the November 1985 callsheets.
2) Updated Dave Dorman's Predalien: mid 1990s with information from The Geek Twins interview

December 28th 2015
1) Added image of the Sutton Farm extraterrestrial encounter drawing sot HR Giger's Illuminatus (1978)
2) Added thoughts on Mordor XII (work 296) . Questions about it being related to someone's episode with flu and a steam inhaler

December 26th 2015
1) Added more details about HR Giger's involvement with Timothy Leary at the time of the painting Illuminatus, from Vice magazine
2) Added HR Giger's Landscape X

December 24th 2015
1) Added Pantheistic winged Bes incorporated into The Spell I
2) Added stele of Horus with Bes as guardian inspired The Spell I

December 23rd 2015
1) Made The Spell I into an index page for pages dealing with the painting.
2) Added: Giger incorporates features from the Egyptian god Bes into The Spell I 
3) A separate page has been made for Mental expansion through the 2001: A Space Odyssey's stargate
4) A separate page has been made for  Giger's The Spell I  compared with Cristo Redentor of Rio De Janeiro

December 22nd 2015
1) Comparison between The Spell I  and Cristo Redentor of Rio De Janeiro

December 21st 2015
1) Started developing Giger: The Concept Of The Biomechanoid further into a sort of an essay by itself. It previously was a couple of notes in connecting with the Giger and the Necronom series but is expanding. Writing something like this can often simply melt into pointless words that people can often have absolutely no clue what the point of anything being said is which has been a problem with Giger's work because none of it was intended to be verbally specific.

December 20th 2015
1) Added Giger's drawing Die Atom Kinder to Giger's Artwork.
2) Added Giger's afterthoughts on Necronom IV to  The Development of Necronom iv
3) Re-edited Giger and the Necronom series

December 19th 2015
1) Added details from the Aliens interview from Science Fiction Film Making In the 1980s also published in L'Ecran Fantastique to Aliens:writing the script and Aliens: Signing up Weaver

December 17th 2015
1) Exploration of H R Giger's unused Dragon Sketch For "Reign of Fire""

December 14th 2015
1) Added Prometheus: Pilot chamber platform inspired by Warhammer 40,000 illustration? 
I understand that this might all seem unlikely but some of the artwork from the first book was interesting for its time as a British publication.
2) Added question about Techno-Medieval Look to Event Horizon inspired by Warhammer 40,000 to Event Horizon

December 13th 2015
1) Added a general observation about Giger's The Spell i 
2) Added words about Giger's views on Aleister Crowley to HR Giger's Crowley

December 12th 2015
1) Added Aliens: Writing the script, however at the moment there isn't much there apart from the exploration of what Ripley was doing as a character and Cameron's interest in trauma and Vietnam war. However I will continue to write summations of the various bits of information from various sources for this.
2) Created an index page for Alien: Covenant. The page that was formerly linked to has been broken down into two pages which have been linked to the index page.

December 9th 2015
1) Added some basic information from an Alien call sheet about the plan for November 24th 1978 to 
Alien production timeline November 1978
2) Added Richard Hoagland chats about Alien and HR Giger on "The Other Side Of Midnight"
3) Added Necronom II inspires Hellboy 2's Angel of Death?

December 8th 2015
1) Added namepage for Akihito Ikeda
2) Added Alien vs Predator: Alien Queen Quarter Size Maquette sculpted by Akihito Ikeda
3) Added Alien/Predator hybrid maquette sculpted by Akihito Ikeda
4) Added Alien vs Predator: Various alien maquettes at the moment just as a page to with links to the Akihito Ikeda 
5) Added The Ripley influence on "Fear The Walking Dead" (I'm sorry about the level of excitement it might cause for Alien saga fans, but this is about cultural impact)

December 7th 2015
1) Updated Patrick Tatopoulos' concept images for an Alien Queen with statements about the works and a comparison between the Alien Queen head and a canard winged jet fighter plane.
2) Corrected link from Transformations In Vlad Tepes (1978) to Giger's Vlad Tepes change from Mickey Mouse to Vlad The Impaler
3) Added Illustration by Enrique "Quique" Alcatena inspired by Giger's The Spell?
4) Added a name page for Enrique "Quique" Alcatena

December 6th 2015
1) Added Chris Cunningham's Appreciation for Alien
2) Added Connecting the Chris Cunningham's "All is full of love" video to Alien

December 5th 2015
1) A note about the fact that Giger took opium: I've just been listening to an interview with Stanislav Grof who knew Giger and wrote a book about his work fairly recently. There was back at the time when Giger and Dan O'Bannon met each other for the first time in Paris for the Dune project that Giger offered O'Bannon some opium. Grof revealed that Giger had been prescribed large doses of opium to deal with the depression that he was suffering from. I might imagine he was still traumatised over the death of Li Tobler. That revelation came from The Expanding Mind podcast hosted by Erik Davis ( I've now added that piece of information to "Dune And The Gathering". 
2) Created a separate page for Similarities between Giger's "The Spell III" and "Stillbirth Machine"

December 4th 2015
1) Added Neil deGrasse Tyson saw Prometheus
2) Added another section to hr giger's biomechanical landscape 1979 asking if there's some sort of connection to the 1961 movie, The Mask

December 1st 2015
1) Added Necronom V's Upper figure's boat shaped body inspired by Easter Island Rei Miro sculpture
2) Added Necronom II: Inspired by Egyptian winged scarab
3) Added index page for the two articles on Necronom II.  Indeed I count the connection with Lord of the Rings as still valid.

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