Greg Orme on Prometheus

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Author Greg Orme briefly talked about Prometheus on Coast To Coast, writes about Martian anomalies (See: 

George Noory: Where do you think the creators went. See I think, I think they came to Earth

Greg Orme: Well, I think, I think it's likely that Earth was terraformed at the same time (as a time when an ancient civilisation tried to terraform Mars) but I, I really don't think that there's any signs they've been here in billions of years and, and whether they're still out there, whatever civilisation could survive that length of time somewhere in the galaxy. I mean there's a lot of science fiction that's been written about these kinds of concepts about this done. People will have seen the movie Prometheus for example which we're talking about, this ancient race of Engineers, you know, 

George Noory: Yuh

Greg Orme: And and they basically might have disappeared or erm, I don't know, it's erm, it's a very very interesting thing because there's a slim possibility that we might get an insight into that and go there and look at these things, you know. (Coast To Coast , February 29th, 2016, hour 3) 

(This article is possibly to be expanded with other elements from that Coast To Coast episode)

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