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Tuesday 31st May 2016
Added: Giger's Landscape XXXII references Willy Pogany's illustration from The Song Celestial.
This was quite a strange one to suddenly work out, but it seems to be a generally respected image for those interested in the Fantastic Arts and so it would be easy to think that Giger was introduced to it one way or another and responded in his own artistic way.

Sunday 29th May 2016
1) Added: Starshipwrecked giant in Space Family Robinson comic book #5 in 1963 to Alien: Space Jockey's origins in "Swiss Family Robinson"
2) Added: Lost In Space, Season 1,  Episode 4 to Alien: Space Jockey's origins in "Swiss Family Robinson" in reference to its scene showing the remains of a corpse in a ruin on a planet

Saturday 28th May 2016
1) A while ago I was able to identify in Giger's Mordor VI an interest in Sea-Bishops and Sea-Monks which are sting-rays cut into a vaguely humanoid form and dried out, and other misidentified fish respectively bring on mermen legends and today I have found one of those Sea-Bishops on Giger's wall from a tribute video:  Giger's Mordor vi bishop fish/sea bishop

Friday 27th May 2016
1) Added HR Giger's Space Trip I (1978) references Star Wars poster (1977)

Wednesday 25th May 2016
1) Added A touch of the pazuzus in the huge skull in The Creeping Flesh

Tuesday 24th May 2016
1) Wondering if O'Bannon's inspirations went further in other directions, on 20th May 2016, I started looking for alternatives about anything relating to giant skeletons or giants in crashed derelict spaceships . I read about the comic book story Trigan Empire that features a spacecraft that crashes with its dead giant humanoid occupants that appears to have been inspired too by Planet of the Vampires. Added: Alien: Giant pilot corpses in a crashed space ship scenario: The Trigan Empire

Monday May 23rd 2016
1) Added Giger's Alien monster III references the painting from The Creeping Flesh (1973)

Saturday 21st May 2016
I looked for information about inhuman giant skeletons in scifi and horror movies, and come by The Creeping Flesh which features a huge humanoid skeleton that has a Pazuzu like skull. It was filmed in 1973, the same year as The Exorcist, in which Pazuzu the demon featured as a major character. I suddenly that it was filmed in Shepperton and that this might have contributed to the Pazuzu aspects of the Alien's face, and I also realise that the painting featured in the beginning of the movie was referenced by Giger when he painted Alien Monster III, and it bore some similarities to Max Von Moos' Devil's Kitchen/ Stalingrad
2) Photos came to the surface showing scenes being filmed for Alien Covenant as seen at the Daily Mail website, which caused some stir for those interested in the new Alien movie. They seemed to be a group of humanoids  (See:

Wednesday May 18th 2016
1) Added James Gleeson's "The Betrothal of Two Classic Edifices" referenced as as Giger's Mordor V's foundations
2) News comes out that Nicolas Winding Refn spoke about the similarities between Alien and Planet Of The Vampires as if he were trying to insinuate that it was a new discovery of his although Alien fans would have known the connections a long time ago from Dan O'Bannon's admission in an essay. (

Sunday May 15th 2016
1) Added HR Giger's Alien Monster III references Tomita's Bermuda Triangle album cover
2) Added HR Giger's Trumpets of Jericho references the album cover to Tomita's Kosmos
3) Added HR Giger's ZDF references Tomita's Bolero 12 inch cover

Wednesday May 11th 2016
1) Added: Giger's Alien Monster IV references also Gene Szafran's relief for Tomita's album cover for "Pictures at an Exhibtion"
2) Added: Callsheet information for 30th November 1978 on the Alien production
3) Added an index page for: Isao Tomita
4) Added: Giger's biomechanic landscape (sack) work 434 references Tomita's Firebird album cover

Monday May 9th 2016
1) Updated "Winona Ryder cast as Annalee Call" using text from the Winona Ryder interview in Starlog , February 1998
2) Added : Giger's Illuminatus II references the album cover of The Tomita Planets
The 1976 album Tomita's The Planets was being considered by Ridley Scott for the Alien soundtrack, and he found himself inspired by it for various ideas in the film. However it has been reported that Isao Tomita died from heart failure and was buried recently, but of course today, I suddenly realised that the album cover for Tomita's Planet turned into a point of reference for Giger's painting Illuminatus II. Don't ask me why I didn't realise it over a year ago but I did half wonder if he did something in that way with one of his album. 

Sunday May 8th 2016 
1) Updated "Signing Jeunet on" using text from Jorge Saralegui interview in Starburst Special #35
2) Added "Winona Ryder cast as Annalee Call" using text from Jorge Saralegui interview in Starburst Special #35
3) Added Choosing a director using text from Jorge Saralegui interview in Starburst Special #35

Saturday May 7th 2016
1) Added JA Bayona hires Sigourney Weaver for A Monster Calls, as a fan of Alien

Friday May 6th 2016
1) Added Aliens: Jenette Goldstein plays Vasquez

Wednesday May 4th 2016
1) Added more of the Aliens magazine covers by Chris Halls/Cunningham to Chris Cunningham/ Hall's earlier Alien artwork
2) Updated Rick Deckard: Human or replicant because of new interview material from Empire magazine 

Tuesday May 3rd 2016
1) Slight update to Alien Resurrection: The Newborn with information from Alec Gillis' Twitter page
2) Slight update to HR Giger: The Windowlickers i, ii & iii with information from Alec Gillis' Twitter page

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