Alien: Echoes of ideas from Star Trek The Animated Series

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Star Trek
a)  Star Trek : The animated series on TV and in novelisation form
A question comes to the surface about whether Dan O'Bannon, Ron Shusett and Ron Cobb had been watching the Star Trek The Animated Series. It might be normal for them to see it on TV when it was broadcast, or find out what interesting things were in them from someone who watched them , Of course Alan Dean Foster who wrote the novelisations for Dark Star and Alien, wrote the novelisations for this series releasing Starlog One in 1974 and finishing with Starlog Ten in 1978 as well.

I had documented Beyond The Farthest Star a couple of months before as something that might crawled into the story, but then I thought there might be more in perhaps clever ways, ideas that might get into the viewer's head and mix with other ideas in a very abstract way. I was thinking about where the spore and facehugger idea came from because I'm not convinced it's simply made up from creepy crawly ideas, but that was the way to tie it all together, there had to be something a little bit more significant in the world of science fiction to grab O'Bannon's attention.

b) See: Star Trek: The Animated Series: Episode 1: " Beyond The Farthest Star"
First broadcast 8th December 1973

c) See: Star Trek, The Animated Series: Episode 4: "The Lorelei Signal"
First Broadcast 29th September 1973,

d) See:  Star Trek The Animated Series, Episode 6: "The Survivor"
First Broadcast  13th October 1973

e) Episode 12: The Time Trap.
First Broadcast 24th November 1973
The enterprise finds itself in a strange space graveyard in a pocket parallel. It's a sort of a Bermuda Triangle in space. Dan O'Bannon liked the idea of the planetoid in Alien being discovered a Bermuda Triangle In Space sort of area.

  1. Walter Hill: I recall O'Bannon wanted the ship to sail into a kind of Bermuda Triangle in space (Cinefantastique vol 9, no.1)

g) See:  Star Trek The Animated Series Episode 14: "The Slaver Weapon"
First broadcast: 15th December 1973

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