June 2016

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Wednesday 29th June 2016
1) Added: Prometheus: Giger-esque relief in the head room

Tuesday 28th June 2016
1) Updated  William Gibson and Alien 3 with snippet from STARLOG, August 1989
2) Re-edited Alien: Dan O'Bannon's admiration for Lovecraft
Friday 24th June 2016 
HR Giger's Necronom IV references Kuniyoshi's Penis Skeleton?
Kuniyoshi is an artist that Giger ought to have known about and someone should have informed him because of his brilliant artwork from the 19th century and these rather strange drawings of mythological beings merged with sexual imagery.

(Was on holiday with next to no internect connection during from 7th to 23rd)

Saturday 4th June 2016 
Re-edited and divided up into sections: Alien Resurrection: The Viper Pit / Nest

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