Picasso's Guernica references
Otto Dix's "Skat Players- Card Playing War Invalids"
and Delville's Treasures of Satan?

leading from

a) Otto Dix "Skat Players- Card Playing War Invalids" revealed itself to me to have used Jean Delville's Treasures of Satan as a source of reference to transform into something completely different. 

Then it appeared that while Wifredo Lam's Eternal Present was seen to be very obviously reminiscent of Picasso's Guernica, it revealed to me signs of referencing the Skat Players painting,

Then taking a look at Dali's "Daddylonglegs of the evening - Hope", I noticed more signs of the Skat Players painting as well as Treasures of Satan.

I also noticed that Dali's painting also had similarities to Guernica and then I began to wonder if Guernica also bore signs of the Skat Players painting, and on 29th November 2016, suddenly answers began to unlock themselves before my very eyes.

Otto Dix's "Skat Players- Card Playing War Invalids" (1920)

"Guernica" by Pablo Picasso 1937
b) The foot holding the cards of the left Skat Player became the left woman in Guernica looking up to the bull and the details on one of the cards became the bull's snout.

c) The upper part of the left Skat Player would be turned around 90 degrees for the reinterpretation, his should becomes the baby's head, his moustache becomes the baby's feet. The scars above his eye hole becomes the mother's fingers and the scars below his mouth generally become the fingers of her other hand and perhaps a nipple.

d) His oval body becomes the oval space beneath the woman's head.

e) The middle Skat Player's head becomes the bull's head.

f) The lightbulb gets moved and its glow becomes wider perhaps as wide as the top of the hat stand.

g) The diagonal string going around the right skat player's head becomes the diagonal geometry to the right of the bull.

h)  Comparison to Treasures of Satan
Perhaps Picasso had been thinking about Treasures of Satan as well, but if they are directly linked, the two do not offer themselves up to comparison well, although they both have humans scattered around, the bulls horns might be the tips of devils tentacle wings,  the horse's and neck had might well echo the Satan figures upper arm and torso and his pale leg on the left ending with the horse hoof beneath the neck stump of the decapitated head might echo devil's outstretched leg on the left.

Jean Delville's Treasures of Satan

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