Alien comic books: Alien heads on stakes

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(a) Heads on stakes in the year 2000
On the cover of Alien vs Predator Three World War #6 (2000), the idea of shoving heads onto a stake made its appearance although out of context with the actual story, probably because the alien head's blood might eat away at the stake.

b) Catalyst for Resurgence of Alien heads on stakes?
The movie Independence Day Resurgence came out in June of 2016, and the film displayed the skulls and biomechanical suits of its own aliens on stakes. As someone who doodles pictures a lot, ever since Independence Day Resurgence, I've been doodling Giger Alien heads on stakes because of the film's imagery.

c) Alien heads on stakes
Later this year, on the cover and in one page of Aliens Life and Death #2 (2016), we begin to see Alien heads on stakes. Possibly didn't make much sense in terms of the comic book story and looks as if they just included it for the sake of it and perhaps they absractly included the things because of the Independence Day Resurgence movie.

Aliens: Life and Death #2,

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