Bookcover for "Inner landscape" (1971)
featuring a J G Ballard story,
referenced in Giger's Mordor II (1975).

leading from

a) "Inner landscape" bookcover (1971) and Mordor II (1975). Noticed this book cover last month while searching for J G Ballard novel covers that Giger might have loved and realised that Giger somehow would have loved the structure of it at the time and would have used it in a painting but didn't know which painting he might have used it for and today have realised that it would have been for Mordor II. The stories in the novel are Boy in Darkness by Mervyn Peake, The Voices of Time by J.G. Ballard and Danger: Religion! by Brian Aldiss

b) A first point to note is the outer wall of the left cell in the illustration that has been transformed into thumb.

c) In his usual way, he crudely references the illustrations ovoid forms and also impressions inspired by their contents would have been abstractly distributed across the painting as a foundation for his creativity to embellish with other ideas.

d) So the phallic form in Giger's painting appears to be a mixture of the throne like church in right side of the illustration and also the lines and concentric circles in the central egg.

e) The legs of the crouched human on the far left have been transplanted to the right as a half formed impression.

Giger's Mordor II (1975)

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