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Saturday 31st December 2016
1) Added: Mickey Mouse referenced in Wifredo Lam's Femme-Cheval which is referenced in Ernst Fuchs' "Triumph of the Sphinx" , and Giger references all of them in Necronom IV?
2) Added index page for Walt Disney

Thursday 29th December 2016
1) With that I am asking if the J G Ballard book cover for The Drowned World from the 1983 which features an Iguana on the front became a point of interest for Giger and so he incorporated an Iguana's head into his Biomechanical Landscape I (work 597) from 1987, and quite honestly there's not much left in the final painting to make anything out of in terms of the Ballard book cover although there are vague impressions of a reptile had. See HR Giger's biomechanical landscape i (work 597) 

Sunday 25th December 2016
1) Added : Bookcover for "Inner landscape" (1971) featuring a J G Ballard story, referenced in Giger's Mordor II (1975)?
2) Updated J G Ballard too with images for each link.

Saturday 24th December 2016

1) Added specific page for Arzach And The Space Jockey noting the possible although uncertain connection between the two. But since Ridley was looking through Moebius' work for inspiration throughout the film

Friday 23rd December 2016

1) Added: Salvador Dali's "Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope" references cover illustration from AndrĂ© Laurie's "Les exilés de la terre" and thus becomes the ancestor of Giger's Space Jockey design?

Thursday 22nd December 2016

1) Added Alien: Front above view of HR Giger's Space Jockey chair and telescope references Salvador Dali's "Mae West's Face which May be Used as a Surrealist Apartment," (1934-1935)
2) Updated Salvador Dali with images for most of the links

Tuesday 20th December 2016

1) Got rid of the page "Questions about God and Paradise Lost" and merged the contents with Alien: Covenant: Heading towards Prometheus: Paradise Lost because I was getting lost trying to understand both pages and some words from one page were being duplicated in the other and I needed to get them back together, I probably will be able to break it down into sections that might make some sense, or perhaps not at all. This is all fairly damning, I have to admit to not being entirely sure what Ridley was talking about in every instance.

Sunday 18th December 2016
1) Broke Alien: Sigourney Weaver cast as Ripley down into several separate pages

Saturday 17th December 2016
1) Added Alien: Covenant : Danny McBride which basically talks about his past experience with Aliens and how he got involved with Alien Covenant
2) Can't stop re-editing Alien: Sigourney Weaver cast as Ripley, always feeling that there needs to be a significant set of elements that needed to be added and the whole thing needs to be unlocked. Really, we're only dealing with the ghostly remnants of information in the interviews.

Friday 16th December 2016
1) Added : Prometheus :Traces of Tintin and the Flight 714 in Prometheus?
2) Added : Prometheus :Exploring Shaw, Holloway and David a fragmented article at the moment that is based on Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender lightheartedly chatting about their characters reflecting on what's going on, so it's just near enough a bunch of summaries, in time to be expanded on. 

Tuesday 13th December 2016
1) Fixed the link for The Development of Peter Brigg's AvP script on the Alien Vs Predator page since it was the wrong URL. How long that's been like that is unknown to me.
2) Added the "Go To Work On An Egg" Giger image to Alien: The Spores because the page looks very boring otherwise. 

Monday 12th December 2016
1) Updated Descendants of Delville's Treasures of Satan and Descendants. Added paintings by Yves Tanguy and Leonora Carrington. Finding this very frustrating to wonder about because there's absolutely nothing mentioned about the connection written anywhere, which probably isn't surprising. Admittedly this is a bit like jumping ahead with the connections I'm making and perhaps I am acting a bit slow in catching up with myself here. Today I am trying to find more paintings in the series, and don't know where to start. it's all very perplexing!
2) Added Alien: HR Giger moves into the studio hut in the car park. Not much there at present other than a couple of photos but will add more later

Sunday 11th December 2016
1) Added a few more statements to Sigourney Weaver cast as Ripley and spaced out the separate sentences so that each sentence began on a separate line because really I couldn't even read it after a while, does anyone really read anything on the internet completely, so I was correcting some sentences because words just didn't get typed into the sentences and so made absolutely no sense.
2) Doing the same with Aliens: Bishop the android

Saturday 10th December 2016
1) Added: Bragi Schut wrote the "The last Voyage of Demeter" screenplay inspired by Alien.
2) Added: Neil Marshall on Alien and Prometheus.

Friday 9th December 2016
1) Took the page Exploration of So is it Any Good's "Alien Covenant" photos offline and republished it with photos that were taken down relinked from elsewhere.
2) Reworked the page Alien: Giger's Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics adding a summaries for the various pages.
3) Reworked the page HR Giger's biomechanical Landscape (work 312) adding a summaries for the various pages including the element about how it almost seemed similar to a Brian Froud illustration published in a book two years later.
Thursday 8th December 2016
1) Added: Giger's Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics borrows from his earlier Biomechanical Landscape work 312?
2) Added: Cobb's Birth Temple illustration as a starting point for Giger's Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics

Wednesday 7th December 2016
1) Added: Aliens: Casting of the original Alien suit's lower half

Tuesday 6th December 2016
1) Separated the second half of Delville's Treasures of Satan and its descendants because that dealt with artwork in the second half of the 20th Century, mainly Giger's to make the page Delville's "Treasures of Satan" and Descendants part 2

Monday 5th December 2016
1) Added: Gustave Moreau's Dragons because this might connect as an artist who was painting dragons that Delville might have taken note of because of the dragon tails and perhaps Moreau's dragon heads inspired Giger's Alien Monster IV's head.
2) Added an index page for Gustave Moreau.
3) Added Satan tails to Alien Monster IV

Sunday 4th December 2016
1) Added: Frank Frazetta's "Man Ape" referenced in Giger's Mordor IV?
2) Added: Alien Monster IV references Wifredo Lam's "Eternal Present"?
3) Gave Alien: Unused Alien logo a separate page 
4) Updated: Descendants of Delville's "Treasures of Satan"

Saturday 3rd December 2016
1) Added: Alien Comic Books: Alienheads on stakes. A very brief and near pointless exploration of the appearance of Alien heads on stakes in a recent issue of the "Alien Life and Death" comic. I've become almost interested in taking a look at the abstract nature of the comic book images and will probably make it a regular part of the exploration, just probably for the sake of the confusion of it all. Perhaps I'll be able to add more to it soon or I should just go ahead and apologise for addressing the subject anyway

Thursday, 1st December 2016
1) Added "Lost in Space" directed by Stephen Hopkins, and Alien which seems to have the more important matter about the Jupiter 2 ship absorbing Necronom IV and the dome of the derelict ship into its design

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