February 2017

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24th February 2017
1)  Added: HP Lovecraft's sketch of a Cthulhu idol echoes Jean Delville's "Treasures of Satan" and Max Ernst's "Celebes"

23rd February 2017
1) Added: Prometheus: Carlos Huante's engineer with floating hands
2) Added: Prometheus: Carlos Huante's Engineer in a squid suit
3) Updated Carlos Huante's Babyhead with some better images of the Babyhead concept from his instagram page 

18th February 2017
Added: Evolution of the Old Ones/Elder Things via the Henu Barque

17th February 2017
Had a realisation about the Sokar Funerary Barque from the Egyptian Theatre being referenced in the Lovecraft's idea for the Elder Things/ Old One

15th February 2017
Added: Nicolas Refn and Alien

8th February 2017
1) Created a Micronaut toys referenced in Giger's Necronom series page but have only updated two of the pages about the individual Necronom paintings with information about the Micronaut toys that were involved.
2) Added Micronauts Stratastation referenced in Necronom II ?
3) Added Hydrocopter referenced in Necronom VIII ?

7th February 2017
1) Added HR Giger: Demon (work 413)
2) Added a page for William Onyeabor and any article connected with him

6th February 2017
1) Realised a tiny similarity between the names Hieronymus Bosch and William Onyeabor that would have made Giger play with the similarity in his Demon painting

4th February 2017
1) Made the connection between Giger's Demon (work 413) and the William Onyeabor's Atomic Bomb album cover . Understood then that Bolaji Badejo must have been the fan of the music since he like Onyeabor was Nigerian. So while Giger was working on the alien suit spending some hours with Bolaji, the subject of music interests must have come to the surface.

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