HR Giger's Anima Mia (1980/81) (work 487)
references an engraving from Doctor Faustus
as seen in Radio Times, 7th February 1981.

Source of Radio Times page: Radio Times Collectors on Facebook 

a) Elements of a woodcut of Doctor Faustus as well, which featured in the Radio Times, 7th February 1981. 

The Doctor Faustus has been incorporated in a very abstract way that can barely be determined.

Anima Mia (1980-81)

b) Comparable areas

c) The ribbing of the wooden chest on the shelf has been used as dreadlocks of a human head intersecting with the saw blade on the top right and along the back of the woman's head on the top right.

d) The demon on the right has been transformed into a gnome like thing with a leafblower and the head of the female behind him. 

Meanwhile an idea based on its face has been moved to the top of the leaf blower where the face is sticking out its tongue instead of perhaps a curling beard.

e) A part of Faustus's robe becomes in Giger's painting a gelatinous hanging blob. Perhaps his stick becomes the insectoid arm.

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