HR Giger's "Power and powerlessness of a relationship"
(work 580) (1985) references Radio Times illustration by
Wendy Hoile from 10th March 1984
for "A whimper to a grave" BBC Radio play

Leading from

a) On 14th March 2017, looking through the Radio Times Collectors Site on Facebook, I come to  Wendy Hoile's Radio Times illustration from 10th March 1984, for "A whimper to a grave" BBC Radio play and realise that Giger would have seen it and somewhere used it as reference material for a painting, and then I come to Giger's "Power and powerlessness of a relationship" (1985) and see similarities
Whole page from Radio Times 10th March 1984
(source: Radio Times Collectors on Facebook)

Radio Times illustration for "A whimper to a grave" (By Wendy Hoile)

Giger's "Power and powerlessness of a relationship" (1985) (work 580)

b. 1) In the Radio Times illustration there is a boy's face and the garment he is wearing has a V neck

b. 2) The boy's face becomes a horseshoe like curve in the center of Giger's work, and his right ear becomes the phallic tip of the arm on the right of the lower of the three heads of the totem pole.

b. 3) Meanwhile the top head grinning away with a ribbed mouth has an arm with the hand bent back as if it were a V shape , again the V neck of the boy's top.
b. 4) The pair of inverted legs with the lower legs separated become a V
b. 5) and the right half of the V seems to become a page from a newspaper held by the lowest head of slanting row of heads that form the top left to bottom right totem pole.

c) The left shoulder of the sleeping human at the bottom of the image becomes the upper legs and buttocks of a female torso on the bottom left. The throat and chin and mouth becomes the curve of white flesh on the bottom right. The ring of the nose becomes a slanting support structure within the shadow.

d) On the far left of the illustration is the side view of a woman's face, and her eye lid becomes the white space between the head of the woman with the witches had and the tall head of a humanoid with a huge tube coming out of his mouth. Her forehead becomes his elongated upper cranium

e) Coming out of the boy's head is a man with his upper leg sticking out and bent at the knee. It becomes a horizontal upper leg like area and the lower part of a large hanging arm on the far right. Perhaps also the lower half of a hanging leg (most noticeably the foot) facing the other direction.

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