James Gleeson's The Sower references
Salvador Dali's Family of Marsupial Centaurs

(Still collating)
Salvador Dali's "Family of Marsupial Centaurs" (1940)


a)  Corner shadow
An X shaped division runs through Salvador Dali's Family of Marsupial Centaurs resulting in a shadowy triangle in the lower part of the upper right and Gleeson produces an area of shadowy sky

James Gleeson's The Sower (1947)

b) The bent leg of the centaur transforms into a beast head
The bent leg of the centaur transforms into a beast head with stripes on top of the head that are the creases in a knotted piece of cloth, and the hoof becomes the bulging flesh at the back of the top of a leg
Centaur leg and hoof transforms into beast head and flesh on rear of top of leg

c) Head of giant
The space between the hand on the left of the detail below and the torso beneath the shoulder becomes the lit part of the giant's face, while the shadowy area next to it becomes the shadowy side of the face.

A Bunch of grapes perhaps transforms into a skull in the place of Gleeson's giant's eye, and the hand on the right perhaps becomes the skull on the other side of the face

d) Rear of horse
The rear of the male centaur transforms into the shoulder of the giant, and  also the round edge of a blade.

The female centaur's breast and hand transforms into a fleshy hand and button like object on a jacket.

However one might also look at how the bent centaur's leg above he female centaur's head becomes this area on Gleeson's painting with the hand and the part of the jacket with a button.

e) Leg of female centaur transforms into a maw of monster
The legs of the female centaur at the lower transforms into the maw of a monster, and the space between the division of the lower legs where it intersects with solid ground becomes a fang.

f) Upper torso of upper female centaur transformations
Cavity in Female centaur's upper torso becomes a gate, the creatures in the waist become a knot,

The front of the centaur's horse body below the human waist, becomes an animal head with heavy brow.

The cavity in the torso becomes a gateway with the skull on top

The shoulder and breasts of the upper torso transform into beast heads

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