Aliens edition of Mad cover illustration and
the NECA Alien Covenant alien?

leading from

a) Here we have the odd design for the alien on the cover of the Mad Magazines Aliens edition which we might all be familiar with, drawn by  Will Elder and Harvey Kurtzman. 

b) Giger had painted versions of the alien where it seemed as if the rim going over the should looked like a tentacle of some sort, and perhaps even there was the possibility of having a tentacle extending from the back in some way rather than pipes , but the iconic Mad Magazine played with deforming the alien in certain ways that appear to have caught the imagination of many.

c) Perhaps some of you might think that something's rather alarming or interesting about the similarity in the way they have elongated back pipes that seem in the movie trailer to be rather bendy and the raised rim going over shoulders appears to have a gap beneath it and the shoulder

c)Perhaps the simplicity about the way the ribbed piping extends along the side of the head is another thought, but less so

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