N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel (1980-1981?) (work 459) references Illustration by David Smith from
Radio Times 23rd February - 1st March 1980

leading from
N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel (1980-1981?) (work 459)
I suppose Jahreswechsel means New Year.
a) 14th of Match 2017, looking through the images from the Radio Times being posted, I suddenly see an illustration for the TV program Free To Choose from the issue 23rd february-1st March 1980 and notice that Giger would probably have taken notice of these images with distorted faces and used it as a basis for one of his paintings. 

Illustration by David Smith from 
23rd february-1st March 1980 
edition of Radio Times 
(source: Radio Times Collectors https://www.facebook.com)
b) Looking for something from around that time, I notice similarities in the structure of  Giger's N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel, and my mind starts to unravel the connections further.

Radio Times image and N.Y. City IX
c) A starting point is that the left character's mouth has been turned into a pair of buttocks with and a downward curving bar with handles on both sides beneath it. However the Giger painting image is low resolution and trying to make out what the details are isn't entirely easy. With that, one can see where the nose would be and the right eye has been transformed into something else, perhaps a fat semi humanoid thing with a pig like body and legs

Radio Times image and N.Y. City IX
d) The right face of the image also becomes transformed, the crease on the right of the mouth becomes a downward ribbed phallic form. The nose becomes a phallic form with a line of ribbing along it. Half of one of the square eye frames is evident. The eye has been turned into a face with a nail going through it.

Radio Times image and N.Y. City IX

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