Alien: Giger's Alien Life Cycle Tableau painting references Radio Times May 16th 1968 FA Cup Final cover illustration

a) Radio Times May 16th 1968 appears to have been another contributing factor to HR Giger's Life Cycle Hieroglyphics painting from 1978.

Radio Times May 16th 1968 Source: Radio Times Collectors

Original Life Cyle Tableau, 1978 (work 384)
b) If so, someone who had been collecting Radio Times would have shown him the cover, and so this would help to think about breaking the image down into segments with different things going on.

Flag and facehugger

c) Perhaps a flag at the bottom left of the Radio Times cover, that intersects with a spectator's head turns into the dead face hugger.

trophy cup and facehugger tale by egg
d) The prize cup handle turns into the facehugger tale and the ball to the left "F A CUP FINAL" turns into the space jockey's head.

Middle segments of both pictures

e) Perhaps the slant on the left side of the crowd of people and the man reaching out for the ball helps the development of the idea of the triangle.

Binoculars and division in biomechanoid goddess body.
f) The binoculars helps the development of the division in the female figure's body.

Image of motorbiker used as referenced because of the circular shapes within the T structure?

g) The motorbiker would also be referenced in the general structure of the painting as well, because of the circular forms and T structures.

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