HR Giger's Victory series references Felicity Kendal
photo in The Radio Times, 19th April,1981 ?

leading from
Radio Times images  


a) Another one in the Radio Times connections.

Since April 2017 I've looked at this image and wondered about what Giger would have done with it, as if it's calling to say that he saw it and used it in some way

A photograph of Felicity Kendal presenting Disney Time, 19th April, 1981.

b) She has been a household name in England, but Giger probably was thinking about what he could do with Mickey and Minnie Mouse heads in connection with any woman.

Victory IV (1983) (work 515)
c) On the 21st of May 2017, I've decided to make a connection with his Victory painting series, with the Mickey and Minnie Mouse heads becoming breasts, and all sort of other associations might have come along with this.

Giger started the Victory painting series in 1982 and here I'm presenting Victory IV from 1983.

Source Image: Radio Times Collectors on Faceboo

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