Alien: Triangle image found with alien pilot remains from original Alien script references "The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island"?

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a) In Dan O'Bannon's script for Alien, they approach the remains of the dead alien pilot and discover triangle scratched into its control panel. One might think it's a strange thing that the alien pilot might have scratched the shape onto the panel even as a warning.

drawing of a triangle from the early Alien script, found scratched into the alien pilot's dashboard.

Ron Cobb's alien skeleton pilot remains where the triangle image warning is found.

     Suddenly, Melkonis lets out a grunt of shock.  Their lights have
     illuminated something unspeakably grotesque: A HUGE ALIEN SKELETON,

     They approach the skeleton, their lights trained on it.  IT IS A

               Holy Christ... 

     Standard shines his light on the console at which the hideous skeleton
     is seated.  He moves his light closer and peers at the panel.

               Look at this... 

     They approach.

                              STANDARD (CONT'D)
               Something has been scratched here... 
               into the veneer.  See?

     Traced raggedly onto the surface of the panel, as by the point of a
     sharp instrument, is a small triangle:

b) Already I had discovered that the use of the fragmented remains of a document found at the sunken wreck of the Unicorn in Red Rackham's Treasures would lead Tintin and Captain Haddock to Haddock's ancestral hall Marlinspike Hall, but still something seemed slightly missing from this.

Tintin finds the crashed plane and goes hunting for crew

Derelict ship by Chris Foss for Alien

c) Discovery of items
On Thursday June 10th 2017, I find myself looking through the comic book story "Tintin and The Black Island",

Part of the story involves looking for a plane,  and soon Tintin discovers the crashed remains of the aircraft and afterwards in the woods nearby finds a pilot's leather jacket and nearby discovers a torn up note that when assembled shows a triangle.

Tintin finds a leather pilot's jacket and a torn up note.
From  "The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island"
On May 28th 2019, I found online an image of the original version of this part of the story as published in Le Petit Vingtième 26, from 1937, where instead of just a flight jacket, Tintin finds a whole flight suit. The pieces of the letter displayed against a black background are presented as a puzzle for readers.

Le Petit Vingtième 26, 1937

d) Flight jacket and triangle note transformations
Thinking about this in relation to the information I've gathered from reading "Red Rackham's Treasure"

In the Alien script, the crashed aeroplane merged with the idea of the Unicorn shipwreck transforms into the derelict ship.

The pilot's jacket would transform into the alien space pilot remains in the derelict ship
This Triangle though is a reference to an area with three trees with red flare lights in the branches, where something was going to be dropped by a passing aircraft but merged with the document from the Unicorn shipwreck transforms into a warning about a relatively nearby pyramid building.

Tintin assembles the ripped up note and there is a triangle image. 
From "The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island"

e) The beast of the black island
While Tintin gets caught up in an incident involving a gang of counterfeiters, and this eventually leads to a castle on the black island in Scotland rumoured to be a place where The Beast lives and devours anyone who visits the place. It turns out to be where the counterfeiters are based with their printing press down in the basement, and a large gorilla named Ranko trained to kill intruders.

In Alien, Broussard who becomes the character Kane gets caught up in an alien life cycle ritual, and gives birth to a creature that turns into a six foot tall murderous tentacled beast. 

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