Giger's Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562) references the cover of the Jean-Michel Jarre album, "The Concerts in China" (1982)

leading from

cover of Jean-Michel Jarre's album, "The Concerts in China"

a) Since I am a great fan of Jean-Michel Jarre, the China Concerts album music is often something on my mind and there has been for quite some time the urge to somehow connect that album with this painting. Perhaps the faces might represent the various abstract Chinese voices from the music from the track as Souvenir of China. I continued to wondere what lead Giger to create this painting and what had it to do with anything. Had he ever visited China? I don't know,.

Giger's Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562)

b) On July 25th 2017,  I looked at the year of this painting and when the China Concerts happened, suddenly , and having seen connections with a couple of radio time covers, I suddenly pieced together connections with between this painting and the face from the Jean-Michel Jarre's China Concerts album cover

c) Downwards mouth becomes the tentacles, the nose becoms the upper torso of the upside down woman with the nostrils becoming the breasts and perhaps again the head with the arms hidden at the side.

The central spiral becomes the woman's belly button

d) The eye becomes the upper leg of the upper humanoid.

The hooked blade like curve to the left of the eye becomes a biomechanoid with a tendril extending from the back of ts head, while hooked blade like curve below transforms into the wheelchair wheel.

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