"Space Jockey" (1966) by Falcon for Thiokol

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a) A 'Space Jockey" for a Thiokol chemical corporation advert by an illustrator named Falcon. I suddenly came by this on July 13th 2017, and it's a bit of a strange discovery beyond the use of the term "Space Jockey" which looked to be still of popular use since Heinlein's Space Jockey novel. 

But suddenly I come to make the associations with the Henu Barque, the white pillow like piles of sand become the man's jodhpurs, the beaded rope and the horns become the handle bars and pole, and the front light. 

Perhaps the Oryx horns also become the scarf. 

The crouched man to some extent has become the rider. 

The rudders or the three pillars become the flames.

The Henu Barque

b)  I'm not trying to turn this into a NASA conspiracy but NASA work with Theokol in its various forms.

But  does this cartoon have something to do with the Space Jockey from Alien?

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