Alien: Echoes of Tubular Bells album cover in the Nostromo?

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Nostromo related thought: Thursday 10th August 2017,
a) On the 20th of July 2017, another curious association to make with the oddity of the Nostromo is the tubular bells album cover from 1973. The theme from the famous film The Exorcist would be found on this record and that was a film Ridley Scott knew well about.

b) In tune with the oddly owl like form that shows up in the Nostromo,  basically the assumption would be that the incongruent nature of the bent tubes might have been another contributing factor to the tilted thrusters and the ship in general's seemingly oddly bent shapes. Perhaps without conscious thought, the album cover gave them permission to go in that direction. As the Nostromo lands, it greats the surface of the planetoid with its various tubular endings.

c) Why it has taken three weeks to type this out is because the association was another mind bending thing, starting off as a thought about a pretzel or some sort of doughnut twist and then this. It takes a while to appreciate the relevance of the thought.

Tubular Bells album cover , 25 May 1973 (V2001)

The final Nostromo lander

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