Alien Covenant: Adult Neomorph by Stephane Levallois

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a) In October, Levallois worked on an illustration of a colour version of his Neomorph concept,

Here we have illustration number 2 with arms with near humanoid arms, while the feet were of the triple jointed type

It appeared to go along with the general idea of the Deacon creature from Prometheus, reflecting the interest that Ridley had about Goblin Sharks for the creature.

Perhaps the peak of the front of the upper part of the face might remind some people of some sort of a cycling helmet.

  1. Stephane Levallois: mon neomorph intermediaire... ( September 27, 2017 ) Google translation: My intermediate neomorph..
  2. Stephane Levallois: neomorph adult 2 color first concept (Art station)

Adult Neomorph adult 2 13th October 2015

b) Here the paper looks as if it might be labeled as the 14th, and here we see drawings 3 and 4, while 3 has arms like bare birds wings, and feet like birds legs

  1. Stephane Levallois: une de mes premières propositions pour le neomorph... ( September 27, 2017) Google translation: One of my first proposals for the...
  2. Stephane Levallois: neomorph adult 2 color first concept p2 (Art station)

Stephane Levallois, 13th October 2015

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