Alien Covenant: The Mouth Burster sack

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a) Damian Martin sculpted the the mouth burster sack, described also as a version of Giger's prolapsed stomach womb based on his artwork Emily James would paint up the hollow hot melt vinyl sacks.
  1. Odd Studios: "Alien: Covenant. The Mouth Burster sack. Emily James painting up the hollow hot melt vinyl sacks. Sculpted by Damian Martin based on Giger's artwork." ( January 14th 2018
  2. Martin sculpted a version of Giger's prolapsed stomach womb. Rob Trenton sculpted a baby Neomorph (Makeup Artist # 126)

b) I had set myself the task of finding out what piece of Giger's artwork they were talking about and then thought about the artwork for the vomit creature from Poltergeist 2 was used in the design for the Mouth Burster sack for Alien Covenant. In the Poltergeist 2 movie, it would transform quickly into a limbless humanoid that crawls beneath a bed and transforms into the great beast, which seemed to be fairly similar to the growth rate of the Neomorphs from Alien Covenant.

The Vomit  p6 for Poltergeist II
c) Later came an update from Odd Studios: "Poltergeist II concept art by Hans Rüdi Giger - The Vomit inspired the Mouthburster & Backburster created by @odd_studio & @creaturesincltd for Alien: Covenant. Painted by Emily James, Sculpted by Damian Martin. Make sure you follow Odd Studio and Creatures Inc." (Source:, April 12th)


  1. The Mouth Burster sack and Vomit Creature connection posted January 14th 2018

  2. Added comment from April 12th by Odd Studios who were reposting a photomontage made by MUTHUR9000 posted on April 12th.