HR Giger's Necronom I references
"Portrait of Picasso" by Salvador Dali (1947)?

 leading from
"Portrait of Picasso" by Salvador Dali (1947)

d.i) Also references the "Portrait of Picasso" by Salvador Dali from 1947 which itself references the labyrinth of the inner ear?  The possibility of a connection had been haunting me for some months to the point where the head of the Dali image was almost materialising out of the shadows sticking its tongue like a chameleon out at me but on January 29th I decided to face it and suddenly realised the connection with Necronom I and with this a connection with the head of the final humanoid beast in Alien.

Giger's Necronom I (1976)

d.ii) The eye socket with ear canal tendril become an eye with a pipe extending from it

d.iii) The side and central division of the rows of cochlea inspired ribbed coiled forms becomes the pipes extending into the claw like devices at the side of the cranium. 

d.iv) Lines on the side of the face become pipes being fed into the side of the lower jaw and rhe idea of an elongated long tongue.

d.v) The ridge between the white shoulders of the sculpture beneath and the flesh around the collar bones becomes an iron band like ridge that rises like a rounded triangle and supports the head.

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