Alien : Portable Air Lock Box

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The portable air lock box used in the Sigourney Weaver classic Alien. The prop can be seen when the crew are searching the ship for the alien. It is used by Yaphet Kotto and Veronica Cartwright in the tense scenes where they let Tom Skerritt throuugh various airlocks one by one. The box is made of wood and plastic painted grey and brown with a leather handle. At the front of the box there are two sets of ‘open’ and ‘close’ buttons with a light above each. The buttons are labelled ‘outer doors’ and ‘inner seal’. For the purpose of working the lights on the box, the back unscrews and inside are a set of two crocodile clips which can be attached to a battery source. The lights are set up with relay switches which means that as the ‘close’ button is pressed the ‘open’ light will turn off and vice versa. A brilliant opportunity to own a piece of classic film history. (

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