Alien: Ron Cobb's Snark concept art references
the minisub shark and jelly fish from "The Adventures of Tintin And Red Rackhams Treasure"

leading from

References shark minisub from The Advenures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure? 

a) The shark minisub appears to be something referenced in Ron Cobb's early Nostromo spacecraft known as the Snark. 

b) While Alien script writer Dan O'Bannon adored "Alice In Wonderland" and its sequel "Through the Looking-Glass", I'm wondering if the name of the Snark might well tie in with the idea of this shark mini-sub. 

c) The front part of the ship retains pectoral fins. 

d) Traces of the cockpit canopy perhaps only remains as the observation dome on the top of the ship.

e) The jelly fish merges with it to become the giant radar dish. 

Shark minisub illustration from "The Adventures of Tintin And Red Rackham's Treasure"
(Original version of story published from 19 February 1943 – 23 September 1943 in Le Soir) by

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