Alien: 1979

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Mediascene (Jan/Feb 1979, Issue # 35)

Sunday 13th May 1979 
Alien premieres in Monte Carlo

  1. HR Giger: 13 May 1979, Monte Carlo, first showing The cocoon scene wasn't used here, since it would have interrupted the steadily mounting tension in the film, (Giger's Alien, p51)

Friday 25th May

Monday 11th June
Daily Mirror have an article about Alien and HR Giger (Alien Day One/How a monster called 'Thingy' is taking over the world!)

Tuesday 12th June 
Daily Mirror has an article about Sigourney Weaver ("Beauties of the Beast")

Wednesday 13th June 
Daily Mirror has another article about Alien ("Face To Face With The Alien")


Fantastic Films #8,
Future Life #11, July 1979



Fantastic Films #10
Starlog #26 (Ridley Scott - Directing 'Alien' Though an Artist's Eyes / H.R. Giger - Behind the Alien Formsby David Houston)

Tuesday 4th September.
The Alien edition of TimeOut 7th to 13th September comes out.

Thursday, 6th September
Alien premiers in Leicester Square, London, UK


Fantastic Films #11,
Famous Monsters #158: Special 1980 annual

Monday, 1st October

Illustrated news publish a review on Alien


Questar #5,
Fantastic Films #12

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