Comparisons between National Park painted by HR Giger and Occator Crater on Ceres

leading from

Giger's painting "National Park" from 1975.

a) Giger painted National Park which oddly shows some features that seem sympathetic to forms from Occator without necessarily being deliberate, but his artwork shows him to be communicating with Jack Kirby who already would have been experiencing Occator through his artwork.

We're not supposed to assume that Giger saw any photo or exact drawing of the place so we can only talk about similarity in a vague way, perhaps even unintentionally, and what we have to go by in Giger's painting would be something very disproportional as well

Giger was able to acknowledge such things as that there were peculiar archetypes that might show up in his dreams and such archetypes he might have in common with certain other people, he even had out of body experiences occasionally.

I've also compared this painting to a number of other pieces of art and I don't make the assumption that they had a connection with the same place.

The Occator crater lights on the Ceres planetoid

b) The mysterious white head with three eyes and the spikes sticking out loosely resembles the Cerealia Facula with its three black dots, and sits in an approximately comparable place..

c.1) While I have compared Cerealia Facula to the three eyed head, I might also compare it to the mutant pig like body to the right of the three eyed head

Perhaps then the structure that looks like an Easter Island statue almost to me might become the device that sticks up with rod bent over like a hairpin. This is the sort of visual game running through Giger's works with many things where they become presented replicated in different ways for the instance where one thing might set off more than one idea associated with it.

c.2) Structure reminds me of a giant East Island statue that ought to be made up from a multitude of smaller heads, but I don't know what it's supposed to be really be

d) However the Vinalia Faculae become in Giger's painting a set of pipes leading up to a skull.

e) The vertical band of lights become comparable to a vertical set of bean like forms.

f) The rough face becomes a semi humanoid but almost animal like biomechanoid in Giger's painting


h) Perhaps the sliding passage from Giger's animalistic biomechanoid face with pointed ears is a translation of the the rough face in Occator with the pathway leads downwards

i) In light of the latter comparison, these two lines that slant away from each other have there equivalents in relation to the upper left limb of Cerealia Facula that gets transformed into a pig like limb

j) This formation that ought to be suggestive of some sort of abstract face in someone's pareidolia to the upper right of the rough face on Occator, would become this skull face in Giger's painting.

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