Alien: Egg Silo Exterior (1978) by HR Giger Egg Silo Exterior (1978) by HR Giger references R'lyeh via Wyndham Lewis' "A Battery shelled" (1919)?

leading from

a) Egg Silo exterior (work 378) (1978) by HR Giger

b) Wyndham Lewis' "A Battery shelled" (1919)

I assume that other people in the past have assumed that Wyndham's painting might have been an inspiration for HP Lovecraft's R'lyeh from Call Of The Cthulhu although I seemed to have pulled my assumption out of the air or perhaps out from from behind my ear one day, and indeed how does one confirm that sort of thing! 

However I have the idea that HR Giger knew of the connection one way or another back in 1978 and incorporated it into this strange landscape with the odd fossilized forms in the rock structure

c) The three men in uniforms together become the fossilized Cthulhu like figure

d) The three men in uniforms together become the fossilized Cthulhu like figure

e) A post becomes a fossilized organic form

f) Trails of smoke become the groove with spikes either side of it on the left side of the egg silo

g) Vertical trail of smoke becomes the groove in the side of the broken egg silo beyond

h) Building structure become the rock to the far right

i) Architecture in the background become markings on the side of the silo.. It's probably not so distinct because there was no attempt to transform anything from the original painting into something significantly recognisable in this instance.

j) However the shed with the open door becomes this patch of peeled away surface and the soldier;s head becomes an eye like shape in the rock formation

k) With that , another section of the tent with poles becomes a weathered patch on the surface.

l) A sloping part of that area become a sloping part of the peeled away surface

m) The space between the legs of one of the soldiers in the upper right of the above frame becomes the hood of a seated form.

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