Alien: Ridleygrams: scene 124 :
Early visualisation for Brett's Death. (a)

leading from

"Scene 126
Int. Nostromo.. digging "claws:

Door opens - anti climax

Brett enters tentatively ... standing under the claws

Alien gracefully swings down

Upside down from the claws and stares for a moment at Brett

Brett stares back amazed at its intelligence. He tries to speak"

Ridley Scott: Right after that they start hunting the Beast. By this time in my work on the storyboard, the landing roller had turned into a claw. I wanted a huge claw room down in the bilge, where the ship’s feet would be retracted during flight, like the anchor cable tier on an ocean liner. Massive, gigantic room with all this horrible old gear around it.

Brett somehow gets separated. And while he is standing in the claw room, the thing swings down acrobatically and they are suddenly face to face. I thought that would be quite a spooky image, actually. With the thing hanging there with these arms like a mantis. Almost independent suspension, seeming to move on their own. 

Fantastic Films: When you shot this sequence did you use a stuntman?

Ridley Scott: Yes, a wire-man.

Fantastic Films: It appears to float.

Ridley Scott: Yeah. You don’t know quite how it’s got up or down, it’s just there,
like a fly. Takes him. Bang! Bingo!

Fantastic Films: Is this where Fox got their first glimpse of the alien’s head?
Ridley Scott: Yes, but the idea was that the thing wasn’t full-grown yet. Also, at this
time I didn’t have the alien taking Brett away. I wanted it to remove his heart.
When the others find him and turn him over, there’s a huge cavity in his chest,
reminiscent of the hole in the space jockey. But that was too much like
Kane's death, so we eventually changed it.
(Fantastic Films 011 October 1979)

"Scene 126
Int. Nostromo - 'Claw room"

'Alien' reaches out with whiplash ferocity and seems to his Brett in the chest - removing his heart

'Alien" lets him drop. Then easily swings away into the girders and darkness.

Brett lies face down twitching."

"Brett lies on the floor. Kicking and twitching.

Parker turns him over.

Ripley swings light onto his chest.

To reveal a cavity. They look above the pipes and girders


Scene. 127 - Bridge (Print out FX. Data- 'Alien' has raided food)

Scene. 128 - Food locker - Hatchway

Scene. 129 - Food locker (Vent duct)"

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