Superman Lives: Sylvain Despretz' Skullship concept art references Salvador Dali's Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing A Piano"?

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a) On the 14th of February, 2017, I suddenly start making  connection between the Skull Ship and Salvador Dali's "Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing A Piano" painted in 1934, which is a painting that looks as if it roughly references the Papyrus of Ani's Henu Barque, because of the stretched eye socked on the right and the expanded left eye socket. 

Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Piano
(1934) by Salvador Dali
b) Many people create pictures of one kind or another that can be loosely Dali like one way or another without meaning to do so because he work has become so widely part of the public consciousness and I would have expected Sylvain to have shown some fascination for this Dali piece amongst many others over his lifetime.

Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Piano
(1934) by Salvador Dali (detail)

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