Alien: Alexandre O Philippe's Memory: Origins of Alien: Influenced by films and books

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The documentary explores Dan's original screenplay for They Bite from 1971 was the seed for Memory, and then came Memory, followed by Star Beast and then finally Alien.

However Alien was influenced by films such as Roger Corman's "Queen of Blood", and there was also O'Bannon's love for "Planet of the Vampires" which he screened for Ridley but Ridley didn't like it.

The documentary also covered "It! The Terror from Beyond Space", "The Thing From Another World", as well as the messages of imperialism in Joseph Conrad’s novel "Nostromo" and H.P. Lovecraft’s "At the Mountains of Madness"
  1. Bloody Disgusting: Films like Roger Corman‘s Queen of Blood influenced O’Bannon’s screenplay (
  2. Polygon: He falls down the rabbit hole of O’Bannon’s love for Planet of the Vampires (
  3. The filmstage: Even if may have been inspired by the likes of films such as It! The Terror from Beyond Space, The Thing From Another World, Planet of the Vampires, and Queen of Blood, as well as the messages of imperialism in Joseph Conrad’s and H.P. Lovecraft’s vivid voyage in At the Mountains of Madness (
  4. Alexandre O Philippe: The story was about mythology, the collective unconscious, and this extraordinary mish-mash of comic books, movies, and other influences that went into the cauldron of story that Dan O’Bannon put to paper. When you look at his original screenplay for They Bite from 1971, that was a seed for Memory, and then there’s Memory and Star Beast and Alien. Then there are these two comics—Seeds of Jupiter and Defiled—all of that he was aware of, and he never tried to hide it. That story had been told before, but told in B-movie fashion. This was the first time that this story really broke out of the B realm into the A-movie realm, and that’s why it became such a success. (

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