Marvel Alien art by David Finch (2020) references "Triumph of the Sphinx" (1966) by Ernst Fuchs?

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a) Marvel Alien art by David Finch (2020)

Source The IGN article "Alien vs Predator vs Iron Man? Marvel Comics Acquires Two Iconic Sci-Fi Franchises")

This art was supplied in the article about Dark Horse losing the Alien franchise to Marvel because of Disney, and I decided to see what sort of ideas lay behind this composition to give me some hope about Marvel's possible plans for this series if there are any at all.

b) References Triumph of the Sphinx (1966) by Ernst Fuchs? 

Well I don't want to say yes, but I compared it to various images, my mind chose this one and horridly I can see the connections but I don't know.  

I did some time ago point out the possibilities of a connection between this Fuchs piece and Giger's Necronom IV, which was probably a strange thing to do but it worked , and I wonder who else reads my blog. 

Well, if it so, it's a good choice, but am I right in any way?

Ernst Fuchs' Triumph of the Sphinx, 1966

c) The shoulder, neck and back become the alien beast's head while the bosom becomes the shoulder fin

d) This thing that loosely looks like a duck's head with a large bill becomes a blue box that might be a personal stereo leaning again some other computerised equipment on a table. 

Perhaps the bull itself becomes the bright green screen

e) The space in the background becomes the open polygonal doorway into the chamber

f) A curve running along the underside of the trunk of the sphinx's lower body rusing up to the left becomes the beast's tail

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