Alien Resurrection: Jean-Jacques Beineix was considered for director

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French film auteur Jean-Jacques Beineix mentioned to Studio Ciné Live magazine that he refused a lot of Hollywood blockbusters from Name of the Rose to Alien 4.

He has been well known for films such as 37° 2 le matin (known in England as Betty Blue) and also Diva (which of course featured actor Dominique Pinion in a main role as the murderous punk Le Curé, who would star as the character Vriess in the final Alien Resurrection film)

  1.  Studio Cine Live: Pourquoi n'avez-vous jamais travaillé à Hollywood?

    Jean-Jacques Beineix: J'ai refusé énormément de blockbusters du Nom de la Rose à Alien 4

    (Studio Cine Live 77 March 2016)

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