Alien vs Predator: Peter Briggs' script: Adoration of Takayuki Takeya's version of the Alien beast


Statue of Takayuki Takeya 's Alien with hyper elongated head

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a) Always impressed by Giger's original Alien beast
Peter Briggs had always been impressed by Giger's original version of the alien beast which was for him the most realistic looking of the beasts to date.
b) Dislike of Jim Cameron's alien warrior heads head
He disliked the alien warrior head from Jiim Cameron's Aliens. He thought it was a copout, but there was the understanding that the domes were brittle
c) Takayuki Takeya's Alien Pile

However he marveled at the hyper-elongated head of the Takayuki Takeya Japanese model kit of the Alien and this was the look that he would have wanted for his creatures if he had directed this thing.
d) Reminiscent of a Jurassic Park raptor
As it seemed to stand there in a sort of a hunched position with its arms slightly back but stretched forwards,, the way that it looked always reminded him of some kind of raptor from the movie Jurassic Park

e) Takayuki Takeyawas the way forwards
This was an extreme to which Peter would have gone to the point of hiring Takayuki Takeya himself to sculpt the thing
Takayuki Takeya's Alien Pile sculpture by Sideshow Collectibles
  1. Peter Briggs: Giger’s original version? Still the most “realistic” looking of the beasts, to date. Have you ever seen that xfJapanese model kit of the Alien, with the hyper-elongated head? Man, that thing is so cool. That’s what my creatures would have looked like if I had directed this thing. I’d have gone to extremes. ( August 29th 2004)
  2. Aaron Percival: We do have another tradition on the podcast. This is because it's become such a long running friendly argument that now.... let's get the expert views on this.

    Peter Briggs:

    Aaron Percival: That is the skull. HR Giger's original Alien design

    Peter Briggs: Yuh, yuh

    Aaron Percival:  So that it's a simple question. Do you prefer it with the skull visible or not? Now I know (00:11:00) that you’ve got a soft spot for a certain Alien statue

    Peter Briggs: I do yeah 

Aaron Percival:  who's name I'm going to butcher here,  
Peter Briggs: Yeah

Aaron Percival: Takayuki Takeya Alien Pile Statue and the skull is definitely visible in there.

    Peter Briggs: Technically speaking, I mean you’re referencing the Alien Pile but before there was the Alien Pile, there was a single of that creature, of his version of that creature which was just the creature standing there. And it's the free, I mean, you know. depends what you listen to so they'll know the one I mean. It’s the freakiest looking thing. It’s sort of standing there in a sort of hunched kind of thing with its, with its arms sort of slightly back but stretched forward. It always reminds me of some of the raptors in Jurassic Park in sort of the way that it looks.

But what I like about that is that its head is just unfathomably long. Um, I mean, recently Figu.. Figuarts brought out a...Takeya actually himself did a sculpt of that Alien. You sort of look at it. He pulled his dimensions back. Whenever I’ve thought about doing an Alien film since, my version of (00:12:00) it would be probably an even more outlandish version of the Alien than that looks, because I... I think it’s important to get away from the guy in a suit look on it which I mean even if you look at Covenant. I mean the Alien in that is relatively skinny and obviously you know obviously isn’t in long shots a guy in a suit because he’s CG. But I think I would hire Takeya honestly but there are some beautiful sculptures. Some very surreal ones on the internet by, by various fan artists that are quite beautiful but Takeya’s one is the one. I’m not a fan of the warrior. I don’t like that head. I think it’s a cop-out. You know, I mean, the reason, what was Cameron's reasons for it, didn't he say, I thik he said he actually, they made a couple of vac form canopies for the alien.

Aaron Percival: They didn't in the end.

Peter Briggs: Really, because I've actually, I've actually heard that they did but I'll bow to you delving into that

    Aaron Percival: I asked Tom about it, because I, because I was always curious, I've never seen pictures, you know
    Peter Briggs: Mmhmm
    Aaron Percival: The quote was that Cameron said they would break (00:13:00) or they had been breaking
    Peter Briggs:  That was the quote exactly, that they would have been too fragile on set
    Aaron Percival: I asked Tom about it, `i was like did any of them ever get made, can we see some, because he was the one that sculpted the head
    Peter Briggs: And he was like "no" 
    Aaron Percival: Would you remember that there were, I've forgotten who shot that. Was it the Skotaks I think.

Figma Alien action figure sculpted byTakayuki Takeya



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