Concept art for "Predator" (1985. film released 1987) by William Stout references HR Giger's Satan I (work 324) (1977)?

leading from
a) "Hunter" (1985) by William Stout for the movie Predator (released 1988)




b) Satan I (work 324) (1977) by HR Giger



c)  Chest area

Mainly here the idea of a crucified human figure comes across in the chest area, as a sort of a sternum



d) Head area

Perhaps the broad dome of the head is made into an even wider dome but looking at some of the details around the Satan's head area,

A dim near highlight on the side of the head by the ear becomes brigh, ter and reflected as both of the Predator character's eyes.

The hand about to fire the bullet from the catapult becomes the mouth area of the "Predator", and so the ear area more or less becomes the cheekbone

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