Perpignan Station (1965) by Salvador Dali references references La Resurrezione di Cristo (1475 - 1479) by Giovanni Bellini?

Leading from
a)  Perpignan Station  (1965) by Salvador Dali.


b) References La Resurrezione di Cristo (1475 - 1479) by Giovanni Bellini? 

I made the association when I visited a Mantegna and Bellini exhibition at the National Gallery that went on from October 2018 to January 2019

I really don't know what the truth about it should really be 


c) Landscape and comparable area


c.i) The rock in the distance on the left would become the man with the sack while the cloud in the distance becomes the woman helping him
c.ii) The mountain becomes the man holding onto the rear of the woman bending over.
The lower mountain to the left would of course be the head of the woman bending over
d) Christ becomes transformed into the train and the leaing Dali above it


d.i) The upper part of the Christ figure that becomes the leaping Dali


d.ii) The lower part of the Jesus that becomes the train carriage

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