Raised by wolves: The birthing helmet

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a) Mysterious vision
a.i) A mysterious card
In episode nine of season one, Mother when she holds a mysterious metal card that has been discovered left outside. She scans it, brings about a vision where she seas Mother has a vision in which she enters a misty landscape where it looks as if some sort of ritual is taking place 
a.ii) Dodecahedron with a curious head sticking out

She sees a curiously non human head of character sitting in a dodecahedron up to its own neck nodding away surrounded by people in dark robes and from its mouth area it's spewing white fluid.
a.iii) What is it supposed to be?
I wondered if it were an extra terrestrial with a pilot's helmet on in its death throws while being put to death by the mysterious robed figures 

b) Discovery of an ancient helmet

In episode ten which is the final of season one,

Mother discovers a look at the polygonal structure which discovers in a natural courtyard amongs the rocks, she takes off the blanket and sniffs around the strange structure that resembles some sort of torture machine. 

She uncovers a curious helmet on the floor that is the one we've seen in the visions nodding away poking out of the top of the dodecahedron and inside discovers corroded humanoid android head inside that's been there for thousands of years.

It might bring fans of Ridley Scott's Prometheus to wonder if this is something related to the Engineer's helmets of that film.

It's too small to be that of an Engineers, but it might count as a bleedthrough of ideas as if the people in the production might have been talking about these things, but still it's different

We find out that it doesn't seem to be a helmet for an seemingly alien space pilot at all. 

We might wonder if it counts as something Giger-ish in terms of design bleeding over from Ridley Scott's original Alien film and Prometheus


c) Humanoid android inside a birthing helmet
c.i) It's usage

The writer Aaron Guzkowski informs us of the helmet's purpose.

It was some kind of birthing helmet which was something that goes over the androids head and they are forced to wear it while their bodies were imprisoned in this polygonal birthing cage or prison as they gave birth to these giant serpents.
c.ii) Fluid pouring out the front 
The fuel blood would start gushing out through the nozzle shaped around the head where the mouth is and out through the nozzle is birthed the serpent.
c.iii) Foreshadowing Mother giving brirth

The vision that she had when she scanned the card returns and it appears to be presented as a kind of foreshadowing of what's about to happen to the character Mother, but she can't quite put it together until the very last moment when it's too late. 

Mother drops the head before she begins to convulse before entering labour giving birth through her mouth to a flying serpent, although she didn't need such a helmet or polygonal pod herself



Raised by Wolves ancient skull final prop. 
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  1. Aaron Guzikowski: So, it was interesting, but we never talked about how specifically the series would fit into that mythology, nor was that really ever the goal, ...it’s a close cousin, and it can kind of sit alongside it, but technically speaking, the mythologies don’t link up, necessarily. (https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/raised-by-wolves-close-cousin-alien-universe-ridley-scott)
  2. Aaron Guzikowski:  Ridley has been working with these sorts of themes for a good long time now, starting with Alien and then Blade Runner. So I think there's a thematic connection. He directed the first two episodes; he was intimately involved in the entire production. So there was a lot of exchange of DNA between a lot of the mythologies that Ridley has established in the past and this new story. But I think a lot of the rules that apply to these androids and a lot of the questions that they bring up, are similar to going as far back to Ash from Alien. (https://www.ign.com/articles/raised-by-wolves-trailer-2-ridley-scott-alien-android-hbo-max )
  3. Aaron Guzikowski: I think in some ways it continues on some aesthetics that Ridley's established in some of his previous films. In this series, he's evolved into just transmogrifying these ideas into things people haven't necessarily seen yet, But there is sort of a continuity, in terms of just the visuals in Alien and Blade Runner, Alien Covenant, in terms of the way they've imagined what an alien planet could look like, to the androids and even some of the H.R. Giger type of design stuff - all of that is in there. But in addition to that, it's kind of evolved into a new stage of trying to look into the future. Now that we're kind of already in a science fiction future, coming up with this stuff just takes on a different sort of process. I think it has the DNA of Ridley's previous work, but he's evolving into some new stuff that we haven't seen yet. (https://www.ign.com/articles/raised-by-wolves-trailer-2-ridley-scott-alien-android-hbo-max )
  4. Aaron Guzikowski: Collider interviewer: What should people take from the visions Mother sees in the finale with the creatures, by the hole in the ground and the other thing that I can't even describe.

    Aaron Guzibowski: Yeah

    Collider interviewer: It could be like a robot suit, I don't even know what that is?

    Aaron Guzibowski: Yes, I can actually, I mean, that I feel that I can illuminate a little bit, um, in terms of what it is, erm so basically, you know, when she has that, that dream and she sees that thing and then that weird kind of helmet robot head thing, and you know it starts to, you know, the fuel blood starts gushing out of the er, the front of it, kind of the nozzle on the front. Um, what that is, er, there is actually an android inside of that. It's a,  it's sort of like a birthing prison sort of thing. Er, so their body's inside the pentagonal bottom half. The top piece is a helmet that goes over the android, and the android then births a serpent out the nozzle. Erm So, that's essentially what that is. That's kind of what you're seeing, this kind of foreshadowing of what's about to happen to her, but she can't quite put it together but until the very last moment when it's too late. (Raised By Wolves Showrunner Answers Burning Season 1 Questions and Teases Season 2 (and Beyond) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pcGAqkGagI)
  5. candynotcovid2020: I'm talking about that that that robot looking thing

    Aaron Guzkowski: Ah yeah, the robot head, yes

    candynotcovid2020: Let's Talk about that

    Aaron Guzkowski: Let's Talk about that

    candynotcovid2020: Please

    Aaron Guzkowski: In actuality, when Mother, in the final episode, she finds it, it's it's it's all you know it's all corroded, it's been there for thousands of years, and she's able to pick it up, what appears to be some kind of weird robot head that was you know that was on top of this you know, pentagonal box of some kind and she opens it up and she realises it's actually an android, you know, humanoid android head inside of this helmet.

    But the helmet had some kind of purpose. They put it on an android's head and you know the way it's designed, you can see it's almost a nozzle that comes... it's shaped around the head where the mouth is and she, she takes this realisation right before she starts to go into labour ah that this is in fact some kind of a birthing helmet, er, something that androids were forced to wear while their bodies were imprisoned in this kind of body cage as they gave birth to these er, you know what would eventually be revealed to be er these giant serpents
    ('Raised By Wolves' Explained Spotlight Q&A with Creator Aaron Guzikowski |Stuck at Home - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy9rKoyNvkI)


Raised by Wolves ancient skull final prop. 
Source https://formlabs.com/asia/blog/raised-by-wolves-3d-printed-props-prosthetics/


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