Alien: Drawing of the Nostromo by Ron Cobb references the cover of The Inspector #1, (July 1974)?

leading from
a) Drawing of the Nostromo for Alien (1978) by Ron Cobb

b) Cover of The Inspector #1, (1974)

c) The newspaper with the Inspector's face in the cut out centre and the comparable part of the ship including it's thrusters

d) The most significant feature that this comparison hangs on is the idea that the face of the inspector character becomes the upper part of the ship with the docking arm clamp connector on the top of the Nostromo.
You can see what has become of the eye, the nose and the chin of the inspector/


e) The legs and equivalent area

f) The cat's head becomes the bridge area

g) The Pink Panther's head would then be turned into a planetoid in the distance

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