Aliens: Romans hiding in the trees and so on become the aliens hiding in the walls of their hive?

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a) Hiding places

a.i) Roman scouts hiding in the trees

In part of the Asterix in Spain story, Asterix and Obelix go to shake the trees and out fall the Romans lookout crew.

Here the Gauls are merely trying to find Romans to ask them where the little boy Pepe is from


a.ii) Hiding from the Romans

Here we see Obelix and Pepe hiding from the Roman soldiers hoping to just let them pass until they find that they have to do battle with the Romans to save their dog


a.iii) The Vaccaeian mountain guide's hiding place

We also have a panel where we see a Vaccaeian mountain guide employed by the heroes, curiously drawn hiding behind a rock after Asterix, Obelix and Pepe hurrying across the landscape, before he is about to join them



b) Alien creatures hiding in the nest walls

b.i) Alien beast pounces on Dietrich 

One can think about how if we might be briefly reminded of the Vietnamese snipers hiding in trees during the Vietnam war since that's where Jim Cameron decided he was going when he went ahead showing the alien creatures hiding in the alien hives, embedded in the nest material, about to pounce on the marines

An alien hiding up in the hive pounces on Dietrich, taking her away

See also: Creature in the Hive Wall 


b.ii) Another barely visible alien hanging upside down in the hive coming awake


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