HR Giger: Erotomechanics VII (work 422) (1979) by HR Giger rferences Dali's Portrait of Portrait of the Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles (1932)?



a) Erotomechanics VII (Mia & Judith) version I, (work 422) (1979) by HR Giger

b) Looking through a book of the work of Salvador Dali on the evening of February 25th 2016, I suddenly realised the curious shape surrounding the painting of the head of the Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles bore a resemblance to the Erotomechanics VII. 

The facial profile transforms into space before Mia's stomach in the painting. 
The tip of the elongated spoon sticking out of the pork shop on the right becomes a pipe with steam blowing steam. 
The leaves from the planet sticking out of the left side of the central head transform into the left woman's back in Giger's painting. 
The features of the framed image at the bottom of the Dali picture become integrated into the bottom where the platform on which the two women are kneeling. 
The trees on the right within the shape transform into Mia who's face is near the gap where the pipe directs its steam


Dali's preliminary drawing

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