HR Giger: Erotomechanics VII (Mia & Judith) references Barbie's furniture as seen in the Barbie catalogue 1979

 leading from

a) Photographs of Barbie's furniture as seen in the Barbie catalogue 1979
b) Erotomechanics VII by HR Giger (1979)

c)  Images of photos from the Barbie catalogue reversed above Giger's painting

d.i) Here the chest of draws transform into the ribcage and the top of the cupboard encapsulates this kneeling woman's head. Perhaps the row of shoes at the bottom become the ribbing of the horn coming down in front of her torso.

d.ii) Detail of chest of draws and the right woman's rib cage

e) The photo of the bed helps to shape the upper left part of the painting. Perhaps the bed becomes the wall of the shell, the ribbed horn like structure that she's carrying or even the woman's back itself and then the rug become the woman's back of her breast


f) Then the writing desk becomes this crouching woman on the left with the shelf becoming the ribbed horn like held object, the desk surface her back, and the foot of the desk becomes her lower leg, with the perspective view of it sloping at near enough the same angle. Barbie's legs becomes the front of the alien head dome


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