HR Giger's Art: Comparing a panel from The Pink Panther #24 to Necronom IV.

leading from

The Pink Panther #24
Panel from P 31.
(January 1975)
a) Seeing this panel, the Pink Panther character jumps out and into the mind like a hallucinatory hieroglyphic figure from a Wifredo Lam painting (if it turns out that this Pink Panther image turns out to be part sigil for the 22nd name and one or two others of Marduk or whatever, don't blame me!) 

b) I realise that it's something that ought to have caught Giger's attention if he was looking through the comics.

c) Here the eye becomes the skull in the tale.

d) The outstretched arm is used and the way that the upper torso leans backwards. The head position is used.

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