HR Giger's Mordor V: Gyoza associations

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23rd January 2016:A small ghoulish face appears in the upper part of the picture, almost like a caricature of Giger's friend Sergius Golowin but could perhaps like Uncle Fester who has dark rings around his eyes from The Addam's family cartoon drawings or even Nosferatu from Murnau's movie, and it's joined to a larger shape that's part of a squid like body with the tentacles to the left, or is the head of a mutated fish facing towards the right with the stair of a catfish.  The white squid like body, I also made associations with oriental dumplings such as Japanese Gyoza or the Chinese Dim Sum, served on a rectangular dish. ( See:The naming of Necronom series for a little more information about Sergius Golowin's involvement with Giger as a friend)

Prawn Gyoza (Source:

Prawn Gyoza (

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