HR Giger's Mordor V : Sausage stuffer associations

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Sausage Stuffer associations
26th April 2015: I'm looking at the image and perhaps somewhere in this painting is the idea of some sort of a sausage stuffer machine with the sausage coming out already formed tied with string, perhaps coming out of the anus an animal.

23rd January 2016: Running along the top, a handle transforms into the tentacles of a squid like thing, the tentacles begin to coil at the end, beginning to merge with the upper part of the left hand ribbed architecture in this place.

26rd January 2016: The black sausage may well be an organic documents tube about to travel through a pneumatic tube delivery system at offices.
An example of a manual sausage stuffer just to give a suggestion of the sort
of thing that Giger might have been mentally playing with

Vintage Original Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer 1800's

A squid
sausages with string

Woman using Pneumatic Tube system. (

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