Necronom III version 1 (work 302) (1976) by HR Giger
( Suicidal donaldaffy duckopelli in the eye of Lefyathan diving Celebellephancaster biotron bomber gun turret)

leading from
Necronom III a

a) Tracking my realisations
On 6th May 2015 , I thought about the bulky head of the fly headed man from The Return of the Fly and realised that there was a strange figure on the left and that there were two versions of the painting shown, and then realised that generally the painting showed impressions of an elephant which ought to have been easy because of the tusks on show.

I wondered if the elephant head buried within the picture had something to do with Disney's Fantasia. Then I noticed the possibility of a baby elephant head.

Then on 6th June 2015 coming back for another look, I made the Pink Elephants on Parade association and looked at his Pump Excursion painting along with Study for a lamp and mirror.

On June 9th 2015, I added the section comparing the cartoon face to a cartoon duck such as Daffy Duck and Donald Duck and there had been a number of cartoon stories published featuring the Disney characters using fire arms.
On June 28th 2015,  my friend Wesley Stamper supplied the realisation that Kokopelli seemed to be the mysterious character with head tendrils and a tubular thing aimed at the mouth hidden in the picture. 

On 3rd January 2016, I thought about this being like a ball gun turret of a bomber plane and then that day someone I know on the internet had a piece of footage showing one of these ball gun turrets in action shared with him on Facebook, and this revealed to me that it was most likely a Lancaster Bomber. 

Meanwhile on that day I listened to The Other Side that of Midnight a radio show from 16th December 2015 and the presenter suddenly talks about how some people are being distablised more in modern times, and in a time before the internet where they suddenly are more likely to become stalkers, they might instead have been "in an isolated bubble, in their own own tortured thoughts", and these words in quotes equated with what I was suddenly thinking about in connection with the character in an old aircraft gunning pod. 

Might there be another aspect to this thing unrevealed? After this I started to wonder perhaps if this bubble like environment, could double also as a deep sea submersible. 

On 9th January 2016, I found an image of an old diving bell with supports that might be the sort of thing that would do, and there are so many different types of diving bells and deep sea submersible. 
And then came the realisation on this day that the painting seems to be a relative of Max Ernst's painting Celebes that looks like a combination of elephant, bull and diving bell and vacuum cleaner. 

On 3rd of August 2016, I decided that the Leviathan from Jack Kirby's The New Gods from 1971 had been used near enough as a starting point , I had been studying the image of the beast not sure when the comic came out, after purchasing a copy I realised that it predated Giger's painting. 

On 29th January 2016, I realised that there was a connection between the Micronauts Biotron toy and Necronom III

b) Describing the image
This Necronom is like a bulging head that's chin up in the water, with pipes going down from the head into the water, its structure has the qualities of an elephant's skull with elephant tusks at the side. The structure to have biomechanic ribbing, perhaps it's has within it a cartoonish passenger who might be in trouble and this vessel is translucent around the eyes. Changes made between this Necronom III  and version IIIa, give it transparent lips, the passenger has been altered. A strange curved rod has been inserted into the side of the structure that might interconnect with the new deformities on the inner passenger's head. There is another one of these inserts placed on the other side directly opposite. The tip of the nearby tusk has been built up again.


Necronom iii version II ( Dark Star HR Giger's world documentary version)



  1. This site is great and most insights on the paintings are interesting, others at least fun (humans, birds, in tendons, etc,) but sometimes you may be falling into indicating pareidolias, which I don't think deserve your effort.

    Hope my good intention is clear; time is priceless and finding pareidolias is more of a Rorschach test than something more objective and/or reasonable as interconnections between Giger works and the Alien, etc.

    But thank you for sharing the info. I'm excited with the site, wishing to read everything.

    1. I hope that my explorations are just what I should be doing, I follow the flow of ideas as they come to me, although my revelations come to me often in a subjective way, and it's great when there's some tangible evidence to ground it. It's a very lonely thing to work on because it does seem as if very few people have any solid thought about this subject. My talent being used for this thing has revealed many interesting things about the origins of ideas from the Alien series relating to Giger's art over the last couple of decades and people seem to forget who is finding out many of these things. I respect the act that the way that Giger's ideas came to him for his paintings might at times have seemed interesting or fun and often the faces coming up in his paintings as if the part of the brain that creates Pareidolia was shoving the imagined faces onto the canvas, I think it should all be noted including possible creative influences behind the faces that his mind generated for his art. I think that looking for the foundations of Giger's inner creative language is important, nothing much has been done about this over the decades and covering the works in Giger's Necronomicon is very important since the book was used as a visual bible for the Alien movie production. I read a lot of books about people's explorations into art and surrealism and mythology so my site reflects that sort of thing. I am probably becoming a lot more interested in covering Giger's work throughout his life because enough of the culminations of his life's thinking went into his creations for his aliens for the films. But indeed I respect your subjective opinion as I might do with a lot of other people's and I will respect the fact that Giger would have inane things such as cartoon characters such as Disney and perhaps Warner Brothers popping up in his compositions before he painted over them. And perhaps I respect my mind for looking at the possibility that someone in Giger's position might have found it amusing as anyone else that comics around where he lived featured Disney characters using guns to shoot people and that sort of thought might have found its way into his work because the idea would have been much more noticeable at the time when people had fewer things to think about and had a lot more time to be bored. Today it would be most likely overlooked because of this overload of things across the world through the internet. And besides that, I feel your comment is very understandable given the circumstances

  2. My own possible pareidolia suggests that the figure is Kokopelli

    1. And that's the Pareidolia I'm screaming out to know about. I think it is Kokopelli but I have never seen or heard of him before. And still there's the cartoon duck and Ibis there. I'll add your piece of information into it shortly

  3. I like the idea that folks have been, for centuries, misidentifying those petroglyphs as a figure playing a flute, when in fact it is an organic part of the creature, much the same way I felt that the proboscis of the Space Jockey was "misidentified" in Prometheus as being a mere part of a suit!
    Thank you very kindly for the credit, as well as for all the thought you put into this blog. It is a rare thing indeed!

    1. Well, it certainly asks another question about Giger's ideas about the space jockey's pipe from another important perspective. It feels like another important step into the depths of the shadow of Giger's Necronomicon

    2. Now I've just read in an interview with Giger about how in his Pump Excursion, painting from 1988, he wanted to show a man with a shot gun to his mouth as if he were an American Indian playing a flute. So there we have it!

  4. So indeed, I think the idea is that Kokopelli and the cartoon duck are merging into a Duckopelli

  5. I've noticed that someone else has been exploring the idea of a Duckopelli

  6. Making that step further by identifying the Jack Kirby's Deep Six's Leviathan in the image