Giger's National Park
being inspired by Dado's
"Tribute to Cazotte"

Leading from

a) My entry point in to National Park
Although the thing almost seems to be filled with Bosch like spectres and Dali spectres, and perhaps to some degree they are along with spectres of other nameless sources, on 17th April 2015, my entry point for a general interpretation of this work was to think about the idea that it's inspired by the work of the artist Dado whose work Giger greatly admired. Dado with a mind numbing sense of vision, created pictures filled with mutant humanoids and creatures of one sort or another who have lost their sense of self-proportion and my interests soon fell on to Dado's "Tribute to Cazotte"

Tribute to Cazotte, 1969 by Dado
b) Skull mask spectre
However we can take for example Dado's 1969 painting, tribute to Cazotte and find human with swollen heads, a skull mask with living eyes, and bird like faces in the details and find that a wide skull with a similar nose cavity that Giger has painted still has eyelids. But still it could be considered to be a typical Mardi Gra skull mask.
( See also
detail from Tribute to Cazotte

Skull mask from Dado's painting and Giger wide skull still with eyes

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